Advanced Healthcare Data & Analytics

Transform Your complex desperate healthcare Data into Intelligent Actions

Healthcare Data Strategy and Management

We invested our extensive experience of healthcare data strategy and management to build a holistic guide to help your organization create a more practical and data focused strategy framework. With an infrastructure that delivers great values and ensures compliance with all complex government rules and regulations such as HIPAA and others. Our data strategy and management plans does not only address people, processes and technology put also defines data governance, implementation plans, data products, best practices and much more.

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Healthcare Data Engineering and Warehousing

Storing data and data movement is a huge part of the new computer-based healthcare system. All healthcare companies, in a way or another must deal with this. Storing and moving healthcare data is highly regulated in the USA which makes it harder to deal with, but we are here to do the heavy lifting. Our healthcare data engineering and warehousing experience allow us to help healthcare companies start, modernize, or even migrate their data processes and data warehouses to the secured, fast, reliable and automated clouds-based architecture and structure that meets their needs and growth plans. For example, create clouds based HIPAA compliant clinical and operational data warehouse.

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Healthcare Predictive and Statistical Modeling

Our experienced healthcare data scientists can help healthcare organizations create and execute predictive and statistical models that meets their needs. For example, understand and classify patients and their current health situation, possible future situations, and complications. Provider’s effectiveness, completion, cost, quality of care and how they are trending. Along with revenue and cost increase or decrease.

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Healthcare AI and Machine Learning (ML)

Our Healthcare AI and ML experts put these new technologies to work to bring extra values to the healthcare organizations faster and more economically. Almost everywhere in your organization can utilize some help from a smart machine. We implement these techniques in reviewing and extracting valuable information from complex structured or non-structured data and convert it to valuable actionable insights.

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Healthcare Visualization and SmartView

Our Healthcare BI experts will provide effective clear actionable insights visualized in an interactive smart, simple, dashboards and smart views. These interactive smart views of data make it so simple to see what’s happening and where the focus of the healthcare organization should be.

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